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SUBMIT a name by adding a comment to the most recent NAME THAT PUPPY POST or by submitting a name HERE . To VOTE for a name simply click on the name of your choice on the most recent open poll. Get your friends to vote too! Remember to note the naming and voting closing dates!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I've posted the names I received. I just saw another great animal charity to have your gift donated to should you win and decide to go that route. Check out

Saturday, December 19, 2009

One more day to post names.

Carter - Sean, age 15 of Lynden, WA
Gunther - Emily of Erie, PA
Mudge - Angersen, age 3 of Erie, PA
Buford - Grandpa Bob of Bellingham, WA
Rowan - anonymous
Cruiser - anonymous
Jack - anonymous
Snoopy - Alexa, age 8 of Bellingham, WA
Angus - anonymous
Drifty - anonymous

Abby - Mary Ann of Missoula, MT
Bailey - Grandpa Bob of Bellingham, WA
Eloise - Grandpa Bob of Bellingham, WA
Maize - Heidi of Bellingham, WA
Dotty - Rachel
Bella - Sarah of Blaine, WA
Henny - Jann of Ferndale, WA
Rileigh - Alexa, age 8 of Bellingham, WA
Madison - Cindy of Missoula, MT
Halle - anonymous
Chilly - Chris of Bellingham, WA
Sadie - anonymous
Shelby - anonymous
Gwendolyn - anonymous
Caraboo - Cicely of Erie, PA

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keep those name coming in!

Ahhh! Puppies. They are 4 weeks old and getting more active all the time. Did you know that until they start eating food, their poop doesn't really stink - not full-on stink - just a little. Also, all this time Chloe has been cleaning up after them. Now that they've started eating food, it's my turn to clean up after them. Go figure. It's all kind of fascinating!

I am going to Las Vegas today in search of sun and fun. Should we see Phantom of the Opera or Blue Man Group? In addition to one of these shows, I am getting pretty good at finding the free stuff Las Vegas has to offer.

I will update the NAME LIST tonight. Many more have been added. Thank you!

Friday, December 11, 2009

More Names - Puppies getting bigger!

Rembember voting starts December 21st!

Carter by Sean, age 15

Gunther by Emily

Mudge by Andersen, age 3

Chilly by Chris

Buford by Grandpa Bob

Rowan by Amy

Cruiser by Heidi

Abby by Mary Ann

Bailey by Bob

Eloise by Grandpa Bob

Maize by Heidi

Dotty by Rachel

Madison by Cindy

Halle by ?

Caraboo by Cicely

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here is the start of the Name List

Thank you to those who submitted names yesterday - looking forward to more names so we can vote on several.

Carter by Sean, age 15
Gunther by Emily
Mudge by Andersen, age 3

Abby by Mary Ann
Bailey by Bob

Caraboo by Cicely

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So, here are Lucy's puppies!

Lucy's puppies were born on November 18 and they need names!
There are 3 girls and 1 boy.

This is the little BOY.




These four little pups need names until they go to their forever homes.

You can help me out by submitting names for these puppies through my website, . Simply go to the NAME THAT PUPPY page and fill out the submission form.

Each night all the new submissions will be added to this blog. At the end of the submission time (December 7 - December 20) the names will be voted on. Come back to the blog and vote (December 21 - December 31) on the names you like. One boy name and the three top girl names will be the winners.

The winners will receive a gift valued at $25. The gift will be "puppy-theme stuff" - Labradoodle Mug, puppy blanket, stuffed puppy (no housebreaking required), candy, chocolate, etc. You may also opt to have a $25 donation submitted in your name to the Humane Society or other approved animal charity of your choice.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

When does it start?

Naming Labs this time... (not these ones)
Naming December 7th-20th

Voting December 21st-31st